Angel Landscapes

Angel Landscapes

Hello my name is Sylvester, most of my friends and customers know me as Jed a nickname that stuck from my early days gaining experience with a local landscaping company.

In 1998 I started working as a helping hand, working for a local landscaper who had many years’ experience.
I continued to work with him building up knowledge and skills within the landscape trade. I had a break from landscaping for a few years then in 2004 I managed to get back into the horticulture trade working for a lawn treatment company; here I learnt a new skill, working the entire width and breadth of the county.

Angel LandscapesAngel Landscapes was finally formed in a massive leap of faith, in April 2005 I started the business in Daventry with an Escort Van, lawn mower, and a few gardening tools. Life was tough during the first year with no regular client base, then gradually, I built up a busy garden maintenance round in Daventry, along with many successful landscaping projects carried out. I attended Moulton College and studied Horticulture further progressing my gardening skills and eventually in 2011 left Daventry for Northampton to be closer to family.

Now based in a pretty village close to Northampton, Angel Landscapes rapidly grew and has a large client base in and around the surrounding villages of Northampton. The business expanded and in 2014 I had four employees all carrying out back to back landscaping projects.

In 2016 I decided to make a drastic change to the business, unhappy with the lack of family time and constant strains a business puts on one, I decided to work on my own to give me a better work life balance. Now in the present day- I look to take on manageable projects that typically take a day up to three weeks, building time into my schedule for family time and my own interests, which are my dog walks, our own garden, socialising and holidays. I also volunteer my time maintaining the SANDS Snowdrop suite garden at Northampton General Hospital.

I believe if one is truly happy and love their work, it will show in the quality of the work. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Angel Landscapes.